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Hunza Guti Inn “Live the Beauty” “Experience the beauty with us”

Welcome to Hunza Guti Inn:

The grand opening of the unique and one of its own style lodges in 2017, Hunza Guti Inn by Ali and Sons’ is offering you the most exclusive living experience in the most unblemished heart of Hunza at only a 10 minutes ride from the bus stop. A lavish haven in Hunza’s most unblemished location. Drop by and take advantage of our hospitality with the facilities of:

Grabbing a bite to eat from our Kitchen and Dining Area that serves up meals from 6.00am to 9.00pm 7 days a week.

 Staying in an intimate lodge providing you the luxurious living with a modern and traditional touch, with the best view of the valley.

 Individual Guti (Traditional Hut) is the place you can live and taste the flavours of history, culture, and tradition including local, national and international food, heart soothing local music, folklores and many more.

 Take yourself for a walk up the hill and take in the fantastic view of the surrounding hills, mountains and wetlands. If you’re staying overnight don’t miss the opportunity to take in the view at sunset over a nice cool refreshment.

 Hunza Guti Inn is the best choice for tourists interested in valley trips, convenient public transport and sightseeing. We believe that your time is valuable therefore our aim is to make your holiday experience relaxing, memorable and enjoyable.

 Adjoining rooms come in family-friendly configurations or you may book the whole hotel for a special occasion.

 Free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the property. All lodges are equipped with ________________, _______________, ______________, _____________________ and ___________________.

 Parking is available at a surcharge.

What’s special about Guti (History):

Hunza Guti Inn’s modest elegance is inspired by the pure passion of the mountainous scenery. Hunza Guti Inn is situated in the Centre of the Hunza surrounded by the high mountains. Lodges in warm earth tones have panoramic views of snow-frosted peak of Raka Poshi, pristine valleys of Nagar, and wide-open skies. It is exceptionally rich in diverse cultural heritage. The culture is diverse, unique, natural and simple. Its rich culture manifests itself in its traditions, music, handicrafts, architecture and natural beauty of the region.

The traditional Guti (hut) is a very important symbol of this cultural heritage. For someone with an untrained eye, the traditional house is just a very basic structure. On the other hand if someone critically analyses the design keeping in view the climatic conditions, local traditions and limited recourses in past, this simple structure is reflection of thousands years of wisdom.

The history of Traditional houses is believed to be around two thousand years old .According to history the traditional house was designed around 2000 years back in the era of Legendary Aryan king Jamshid. In order to protect his people from extreme cold conditions architects of king Jamshid designed a simple, earthquake proof, multipurpose self-contained and self- sustained house. Even after thousands of years this design is still functional and very useful. Similar houses are still found in many parts of the world like Tajikistan, Badakhshan and other parts of central Asia. No modern architecture design can replace the traditional home of Gilgit Baltistan to full fill the local needs and traditions.

Why Visit Hunza:

A land of great mountains and colourful culture. Hunza is probably the most visited valley of Pakistan by local and international tourists. The legendary Silk Road now known by its mundance acronym-the karakoram highway (KKH) has footprints of great travellers like Marcopolo, troops of Alexander of Macedonia, Buddhist pilgrims and Babur, the descendant of Gengis Khan and First king of the great mughal dynasty of sub-continental. Hunza Valley is divided into lower (shina), central (Burushal) and upper (Gojal) regions.